A starry night on the hills 

This was by far the most difficult painting I’ve done!
It started off as a completely different concept. It was a rocket, and out of the back of the rocket there was supposed to be (where the smoke/fire would be) a lovely space scene… A little like this…

I think this looks ok, if I had left it like this. The more colour I added, the more dull it got! Once I added stars, it looked okayish. I tried adding planets, which was a disaster! The planets didnt show up over the dark, drab colours. Eventually I totally changed my mind on the whole thing and decided to do a couple looking out to the night sky together 🙂

The reason why I chose this was because I love looking at the stars! Actually we are planning a star gazing trip within the next few weeks! I suppose this is a pre-emptive painting of the night 😀

I started with the sky. Learning from my mistakes this time I stopped after the second layer of colour and just made sure they were blended nicely! I then coloured the hills before adding the details of the people, trees etc 😀

The end result is probably my favourite painting so far !

Painting completed with my windsor and Newton watercolour pan set! The stars were done with acrylic white paint, and the black paint was boldmere black tubed water colour paint  (although I kept it very thick, hardly any water for the bold silhouette effect I wanted!)

Hope you enjoy the painting! I love this one and think it’s my favourite I’ve done so far!