I can finally share with you this painting. It was the second painting I ever did. I think it was the one that made me realise I might be ok at painting 🙂 

The reason I haven’t shared this such early painting is because it was a gift for my lovely friend Susan’s birthday, who lives in Wales and who I met while I was at uni there 🙂 

Susan is so kind, and thanks to her I always have a place to stay when I need to go down there 🙂 in summer last year when I lived there, me and Susan went on a few adventures. I took the photo that inspired this painting on one of these adventures! Basically, we travelled all the way South from Aberystwyth! We went to Aberaeron and ate honey ice cream and played pooh sticks, we went to a small beach further down with real sand, then we finished off the trip by going to Newquay  (the Welsh version!) for fish and chips (Or sausage and chips.) 

On the way back I took this photo: 

I’ve had this photo as my desktop background for the last year! And so when I started painting landscapes, I thought it would be perfect to have a little go at it. Of course I didn’t expect too much being a beginner! I didnt in my wildest day dreams expect to be able to give it away!

I started off by doing the base colours in the larger areas. I always do this for every painting now 🙂 it seems to work well to have a foundation for the colours you’re going to put on top! 

I then went on and added more detail. The most fun part was doing the forest area! I loved dotting the trees on and the different colours. 

After I finished the painting. I thought it looked alright and better than i was expecting! It was my mum who said it was really good 🙂 so I then asked her if it was good enough to give as a gift for Susan’s birthday! She said yes! 

Here is the finished product. As this was an early one it was completed with my boldmere tubed paints, rather than my windsor and Newton set 🙂 I have sprayed a sealer on it (again my plasti-kote matte spray!) So hopefully the colours will stick nicely! 

And in its frame:

I love the frame as it comes with a mount which makes the picture look more professional I think!

Finally. Here is a scan of the image. My phone can’t handle tif images for some reason, so this is just a screen shot from my phone!

Enjoy 😀 😍