Moto GP: Cal Crutchlow!! #35

For the last 6 years, one of my absolute favourite things in the whole world has been Moto GP! Not only do I enjoy watching the riders whizzing about on telly, and how exciting it is, but I also enjoy going to the British GP (I now have expanded myself and go to other tracks to watch racing too!) 

I’m a proud owner of Moto GP clothes, I have a sticker in my car and even a signed piccy of one of my most favourite gentlemanly riders: Andrea Dovisioso! 

Me and my dad are both huge fans of Mr Cal Crutchlow. He is British and so we feel compelled to support him through thick and thin as one of our own. We are not fair weather fans! I love all the riders, but Cal to us is quite special!  

So, to do something slightly different art wise! I decided to try and paint Crutchlow on his motorbike for my dad’s birthday! 

I’m actually so proud of myself for this one! I think, particularly the grass and track look more watercoloury. I’m really trying to brush up on my watercolour techniques! It also tested my sketching skills, getting the detail on the bike and getting everything in proportion was a bit of a challenge I have to say! 

The painting was mostly done with my Windsor and Newton watercolour painting set 💜 which I love so much. However unfortunately didn’t come with a black so I had to use some of my bold mere tubed paints for those parts.

Of course the painting was sprayed with spray to preserve the colours for even more long term stay 😉 

Here is the framed, finished result 💚💛

My dad said he will hang it up in the hallway of his new house! He loved it, so I was pleased as punch 😀 

My next post will be on my sunset paintings from Aberystwyth 🙂 

Enjoy !! 



Painting of my little donkey pal that I took a photo of 🙂 

I love donkeys. Think they’re so cute of course!

I’m really happy with his fur, that was a bit challenge and took some research to figure out how I wanted to do it. 

Enjoy the painting! 


I can finally share with you this painting. It was the second painting I ever did. I think it was the one that made me realise I might be ok at painting 🙂 

The reason I haven’t shared this such early painting is because it was a gift for my lovely friend Susan’s birthday, who lives in Wales and who I met while I was at uni there 🙂 

Susan is so kind, and thanks to her I always have a place to stay when I need to go down there 🙂 in summer last year when I lived there, me and Susan went on a few adventures. I took the photo that inspired this painting on one of these adventures! Basically, we travelled all the way South from Aberystwyth! We went to Aberaeron and ate honey ice cream and played pooh sticks, we went to a small beach further down with real sand, then we finished off the trip by going to Newquay  (the Welsh version!) for fish and chips (Or sausage and chips.) 

On the way back I took this photo: 

I’ve had this photo as my desktop background for the last year! And so when I started painting landscapes, I thought it would be perfect to have a little go at it. Of course I didn’t expect too much being a beginner! I didnt in my wildest day dreams expect to be able to give it away!

I started off by doing the base colours in the larger areas. I always do this for every painting now 🙂 it seems to work well to have a foundation for the colours you’re going to put on top! 

I then went on and added more detail. The most fun part was doing the forest area! I loved dotting the trees on and the different colours. 

After I finished the painting. I thought it looked alright and better than i was expecting! It was my mum who said it was really good 🙂 so I then asked her if it was good enough to give as a gift for Susan’s birthday! She said yes! 

Here is the finished product. As this was an early one it was completed with my boldmere tubed paints, rather than my windsor and Newton set 🙂 I have sprayed a sealer on it (again my plasti-kote matte spray!) So hopefully the colours will stick nicely! 

And in its frame:

I love the frame as it comes with a mount which makes the picture look more professional I think!

Finally. Here is a scan of the image. My phone can’t handle tif images for some reason, so this is just a screen shot from my phone!

Enjoy 😀 😍

A starry night on the hills 

This was by far the most difficult painting I’ve done!
It started off as a completely different concept. It was a rocket, and out of the back of the rocket there was supposed to be (where the smoke/fire would be) a lovely space scene… A little like this…

I think this looks ok, if I had left it like this. The more colour I added, the more dull it got! Once I added stars, it looked okayish. I tried adding planets, which was a disaster! The planets didnt show up over the dark, drab colours. Eventually I totally changed my mind on the whole thing and decided to do a couple looking out to the night sky together 🙂

The reason why I chose this was because I love looking at the stars! Actually we are planning a star gazing trip within the next few weeks! I suppose this is a pre-emptive painting of the night 😀

I started with the sky. Learning from my mistakes this time I stopped after the second layer of colour and just made sure they were blended nicely! I then coloured the hills before adding the details of the people, trees etc 😀

The end result is probably my favourite painting so far !

Painting completed with my windsor and Newton watercolour pan set! The stars were done with acrylic white paint, and the black paint was boldmere black tubed water colour paint  (although I kept it very thick, hardly any water for the bold silhouette effect I wanted!)

Hope you enjoy the painting! I love this one and think it’s my favourite I’ve done so far!


Bathing in the Jungle Waters 

I am finally ready to post a blog about my white tiger painting! Which I have named “Bathing in the Jungle Waters”

I am so so pleased with how this went 🙂 I was nervous as it’s quite out of my comfort zone (the first time I’ve painted an animal! Ever!)

I chose to paint him as I absolutely adore wildlife and animals of any shape or form (except wasps: I’m a little scared of them!). I think tigers are stunning! I have been lucky to see white tigers as they are quite rare I think. Unfortunately only in captivity though 😦

Here is, just a little reminder of the beautiful subject for the painting. The picture was taken by myself in Florida in 2008:

I decided to paint him in a jungle setting, where his natural home would be. 🙂 I did some research on the sort of plants and trees that would be in a jungle setting. I wanted the picture to be at least semi accurate!

I also took some progress shots as I went along. I always start off by sketching a vague idea of what I want in the painting. The tiger is obviously the main shebang of the whole thing, so I was concerned over if the sketch would be ok!

I then added the main background colours of the water and the green background of the forest, before painting in more detail!

My biggest concern was the reflection in the water. I am learning all the time new techniques. My next painting is a “space” painting requested by my other half! The techniques are challenging – I’ve scrapped the painting 3 times already! So every painting seems to require something different to make it look good. Yet I still want to keep my own style in there, even that I am learning about 🙂

I re-did the reflection about 5 times before I was happy with it!

The finished painting I am so so pleased with, it is bright and colourful and I think I’ve done the tiger justice with the painting!

Here is the finished piece:

And the official scan:

white tiger wm.jpg

The paper is 230gsm watercolour paper from the works! It is acid free!

The background was done with my boldmere watercolour tubed paints. Whereas the detail of the painting was done with my Windsor and Newton pan set! These are a reputable brand for watercolours! However are quite expensive! Mine are second hand and are brilliant. I also saved a bit of cash that way too!

I hope you enjoy the painting. I loved painting this one!

As always, if you would like to use the picture for anything, please get in touch!


A sneak peek…

A sneaky peek at my subject for my next painting … 

Isn’t he gorgeous??

He is, im assuming, a white bengal tiger! The painting is going well. I’m really pleased so far! The background has been largely modified to include plants in a jungle style, which hopefully you would find in this tigers homeland! 

Not only am I absolutely loving painting this so far, but I’m also learning new things all the time! Did you know, according to Wikipedia, there are no documented white Siberian tigers? I found this out while researching which kind of tiger he would be… so that I could identify the kind of flora I wanted in the painting! 

The things you do for art…!! 

Just cause I’m feeling really happy tonight.. I’ll also give a blog only sneak peek of the sketch of him for the painting 🙂 (before adding the background!) 

I think this is the first time in my life I’ve attempted to draw a tiger! I’m actually so pleased with how he looks! 🙂 

I’m super excited to share the finished artwork with everyone! Rest assured I’m super pleased so far!

Thanks for reading,


First arty blog post! Yay!! Home from Home: Filey.

Well, what a struggle this painting was!

This is actually my third proper, submitted painting, and after 3 attempts at getting it right, I’ve finally completed and scanned it.

Filey has always been a special place to me. We’ve been going there literally as long as I can remember (from when I was a wee child!). We used to go most weekends, and I remember picking our touring caravan up from my Grandma’s house and taking the just over an hour long trip to the coast. Nowadays, we have a static caravan there! Much more comfortable, and we don’t have to manually empty the toilet anymore (woo, always a bonus!)

The story behind the actual painting goes as follows: I have recently taken up Geocaching as a hobby, thanks to one of my best friends! It was actually one of the caches that prompted this painting. Going around Filey with my Mum, we managed to do a lot of the main caches. This one proved a difficult find, with us searching around all the bushes, in holes, in the grass, you name it! My Mum was the one who had the idea of where it could be, and that’s where it was in the end (Caches tend to evade me for some reason!). Of course, it was a glorious day and, upon finding the cache, I took these pictures:



Well, I had to paint this glorious view. I got my paints and paper out, and started sketching the outline of the top photo. When it came to painting it, however, I really struggled. I think it was the fence, and the pressure of it. I had already told my Mum and Dad they could have the original painting to hang in our (static) caravan. In the end, I chucked it in the bin!

Round 2 came, and this time. I was pretty pleased with what I came up with. I thought “once this is in a frame, it’ll look nice!!” my mum and dad liked it too. However, I made a boo boo when it came to covering it in protective spray. I forgot to shake the can. Alas, when I came to spray the painting, it was covered in a white dusty film, I shook the can and sprayed again, which made the painting really dull. I was so disappointed, and my mum was too. Here is the “dull” painting, which I like to call “version one”!!

home from home, Filey

The white dots around the kite are from the spray 😦 it looks “ok” but I’ve brightened it up when editing it, and to me it still looks dull. Mum politely requested a re-paint! I wouldn’t be happy with showcasing that on our caravan wall, so I agreed! So here came “Home from Home: Filey (version 2!)”

Home from home, Filey version 2 (with watermark)

I’m much happier with this one. I think, because I had a vague idea what I was doing and had some constructive criticism from my Mum, who didn’t like the waves in version 1 (she said they made the sea look too “choppy!”), I was able to improve it slightly, or it’s at least on parr, and because the colours look brighter – and I scanned it before I sprayed it – I feel like it looks better 🙂 I also felt less pressure this time around, and enjoyed painting it more. I even added the little boats!

I chose the name “Home from home” as that is how I see Filey! It has played a huge role in my childhood and into adolescence and adulthood alike! I view it as my second home 🙂 

I am relieved this one is finished now. I can paint something else 😀

If you wish to use the images for anything, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to help! Please ask before you use it though!

By the way! The two paintings were done using Boldmere watercolour tubed paints 🙂 

Paper is 230gsm acid free 🙂 

You can purchase the paper and paints from “the works” if you’re in the U.K.! They are wonderful for beginners to test out watercolour, and very cheap too! The result is amazingly bold colours as you can see from above 🙂 

The spray I use to protect my paintings is plasti-kote 400ml in matte 🙂 when used correctly (was my fault I made the boo boo!) it adds a protective layer to preserve the colours, while keeping the matte style of the painting! 

You can buy the spray from amazon here: 

Plasti-kote 24002 400ml Premium Spray Paint Matt Clear Acrylic

Hope you enjoyed the blog as much as I did writing it!