☆ About ☆

Hello! My name is Alice, founder  (sounds weird to say that!) of Alice Sanderson Art! I’m a budding watercolour artist who paints landscapes, hoping to branch into painting animals soon 🙂 

At the moment I’m just starting out online. I’ve been arty for years, dabbling in pencil drawings and digital art mostly. However only a year ago I decided to purchase my first water colour set 🙂 I have become hooked on painting. I love it!! 

I’m going to be using this blog as a “story behind the art” type of thing. It is not only a way to harness opinions of the art I produce but also a way of remembering why it was so special for me to paint that particular thing. I see it as a bit of a portfolio with stories included 😀 Most of my paintings are based on photos I’ve taken of places I’ve been. Mostly they mean something to me or the person they have been painted for:) that way I can put my whole heart into the painting! 

I’ll include materials used etc on each individual blog post! 

I’m in the process of sorting a watermark to put on my art before I upload any, but rest assured I do have pics on the way 🙂 I’m excited to share with you. 

I also have a deviant art account. You can find me under AliceSandersonArt. I hopefully soon will have an Instagram/Twitter account up and running soon specifically for my paintings 😀 

Enjoy! ❤

Alice xxx