Moto GP: Cal Crutchlow!! #35

For the last 6 years, one of my absolute favourite things in the whole world has been Moto GP! Not only do I enjoy watching the riders whizzing about on telly, and how exciting it is, but I also enjoy going to the British GP (I now have expanded myself and go to other tracks to watch racing too!) 

I’m a proud owner of Moto GP clothes, I have a sticker in my car and even a signed piccy of one of my most favourite gentlemanly riders: Andrea Dovisioso! 

Me and my dad are both huge fans of Mr Cal Crutchlow. He is British and so we feel compelled to support him through thick and thin as one of our own. We are not fair weather fans! I love all the riders, but Cal to us is quite special!  

So, to do something slightly different art wise! I decided to try and paint Crutchlow on his motorbike for my dad’s birthday! 

I’m actually so proud of myself for this one! I think, particularly the grass and track look more watercoloury. I’m really trying to brush up on my watercolour techniques! It also tested my sketching skills, getting the detail on the bike and getting everything in proportion was a bit of a challenge I have to say! 

The painting was mostly done with my Windsor and Newton watercolour painting set 💜 which I love so much. However unfortunately didn’t come with a black so I had to use some of my bold mere tubed paints for those parts.

Of course the painting was sprayed with spray to preserve the colours for even more long term stay 😉 

Here is the framed, finished result 💚💛

My dad said he will hang it up in the hallway of his new house! He loved it, so I was pleased as punch 😀 

My next post will be on my sunset paintings from Aberystwyth 🙂 

Enjoy !! 


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