First arty blog post! Yay!! Home from Home: Filey.

Well, what a struggle this painting was!

This is actually my third proper, submitted painting, and after 3 attempts at getting it right, I’ve finally completed and scanned it.

Filey has always been a special place to me. We’ve been going there literally as long as I can remember (from when I was a wee child!). We used to go most weekends, and I remember picking our touring caravan up from my Grandma’s house and taking the just over an hour long trip to the coast. Nowadays, we have a static caravan there! Much more comfortable, and we don’t have to manually empty the toilet anymore (woo, always a bonus!)

The story behind the actual painting goes as follows: I have recently taken up Geocaching as a hobby, thanks to one of my best friends! It was actually one of the caches that prompted this painting. Going around Filey with my Mum, we managed to do a lot of the main caches. This one proved a difficult find, with us searching around all the bushes, in holes, in the grass, you name it! My Mum was the one who had the idea of where it could be, and that’s where it was in the end (Caches tend to evade me for some reason!). Of course, it was a glorious day and, upon finding the cache, I took these pictures:



Well, I had to paint this glorious view. I got my paints and paper out, and started sketching the outline of the top photo. When it came to painting it, however, I really struggled. I think it was the fence, and the pressure of it. I had already told my Mum and Dad they could have the original painting to hang in our (static) caravan. In the end, I chucked it in the bin!

Round 2 came, and this time. I was pretty pleased with what I came up with. I thought “once this is in a frame, it’ll look nice!!” my mum and dad liked it too. However, I made a boo boo when it came to covering it in protective spray. I forgot to shake the can. Alas, when I came to spray the painting, it was covered in a white dusty film, I shook the can and sprayed again, which made the painting really dull. I was so disappointed, and my mum was too. Here is the “dull” painting, which I like to call “version one”!!

home from home, Filey

The white dots around the kite are from the spray 😦 it looks “ok” but I’ve brightened it up when editing it, and to me it still looks dull. Mum politely requested a re-paint! I wouldn’t be happy with showcasing that on our caravan wall, so I agreed! So here came “Home from Home: Filey (version 2!)”

Home from home, Filey version 2 (with watermark)

I’m much happier with this one. I think, because I had a vague idea what I was doing and had some constructive criticism from my Mum, who didn’t like the waves in version 1 (she said they made the sea look too “choppy!”), I was able to improve it slightly, or it’s at least on parr, and because the colours look brighter – and I scanned it before I sprayed it – I feel like it looks better 🙂 I also felt less pressure this time around, and enjoyed painting it more. I even added the little boats!

I chose the name “Home from home” as that is how I see Filey! It has played a huge role in my childhood and into adolescence and adulthood alike! I view it as my second home 🙂 

I am relieved this one is finished now. I can paint something else 😀

If you wish to use the images for anything, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to help! Please ask before you use it though!

By the way! The two paintings were done using Boldmere watercolour tubed paints 🙂 

Paper is 230gsm acid free 🙂 

You can purchase the paper and paints from “the works” if you’re in the U.K.! They are wonderful for beginners to test out watercolour, and very cheap too! The result is amazingly bold colours as you can see from above 🙂 

The spray I use to protect my paintings is plasti-kote 400ml in matte 🙂 when used correctly (was my fault I made the boo boo!) it adds a protective layer to preserve the colours, while keeping the matte style of the painting! 

You can buy the spray from amazon here: 

Plasti-kote 24002 400ml Premium Spray Paint Matt Clear Acrylic

Hope you enjoyed the blog as much as I did writing it! 



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